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Corporate Rental Program

Let us lease your property and we'll be the best tenant you've ever had. 

Call us! 912-541-4359

Why choose Apollo?

Hassle Free

You get paid each month on time and never have to worry about your property being damaged or not being cared for. We help you, the homeowner, take care of your home keep it in pristine condition. We pay all the utilities and upkeep of the home. Whether you lease to us for 1 year or 10 years your property will be perfect throughout time. 

We cover any minor wear and tear up to $500 per quarter without any hassle to the homeowner.

We pay you rent just like any other tenant, however we are never late, and your property is always PERFECT.


Better Than a Traditional Tenant

Because we only rent to corporate professionals our properties see less wear and tear than traditional tenants.

Most of our professionals are there for short term stays and have a job project or interviews that they are conducting. This means they are rarely home. Since they order in or go out to restaurants they rarely cook. All of this equals less usage of the property.


Our reputation is stellar and so is our application to your property. You will get copies of our reserves, corporation docs, references, and we have an excellent credit score.


"Seamless and easy. Our property is in better condition than ever and everything is handled extremely professionally. Greg is always available and responsive.

-Jessica Bishop

First time we've done corporate rentals and our property looks nicer than any other time. No hassle and no stress. Rent is always on time and they handle everything.

- Lawrence Hughes

We love how easy they made it and not once have we ever had an issue with anyone staying there. We've leased to them for a year and plan on extending another year at least.

- Maylen Martin



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Email: greg@apollo-management.com

Tel: 912-541-4359